Passionate Defenders of Justice

David E. Sher


David has been practicing law since 1972 within criminal and civil litigation, legal malpractice, wrongful death, employment litigation, wills, and estates. He has also been admitted to several district and supreme courts throughout Virginia.

Mark Cummings


Mark earned his law degree from the Marshall-Wythe School of Law in 1978. Since then, he has built an exceptional reputation as a trial lawyer for malpractice, criminal, catastrophic injury, and wrongful death cases for people throughout Northern Virginia.

Adam M. Collins


As the newest addition to Sher, Cummings and Ellis, Adam brings a fresh perspective after graduating from the George Mason School of Law. He is excited to work with the experienced practitioners and staff in achieving favorable results for clients.

Asta D’Errico


Asta has been with the firm since 2018 as a firm administrator and now as an office manager, where she oversees accounting, invoices, efficiency, and the organization of the firm to keep cases moving in a timely manner for the benefit of clients and lawyers alike.

Jim Kibble


Jim served on the Drug Enforcement Administration for 26 years and has served as a consultant for the CIA for 16 years. Since 2004, he has been the lead investigator for Sher, Cummings and Ellis for their civil litigation and criminal defense issues.

John P. Ellis


John led an exceptional practice in personal injury, auto accidents, wrongful death, malpractice lawsuits, product liabilities, and civil litigation for more than 40 years. He believed in serving his community through his pro bono work and volunteering.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured because of the negligent or careless act of another, you may be entitled to compensation. Reach out today to get started on your case.


Criminal Defense

A criminal conviction can drastically change your life. Let a dedicated legal team build a strong case to protect your rights in pursuit of a favorable result.


Civil Litigation

Lawsuits are often overwhelming and confusing for those without an experienced attorney by their side. If you're in the middle of a lawsuit, let them guide you.


Wrongful Death

Though no amount of money is enough to help you grieve your loved one, it can certainly help pay for various expenses related to their passing. Reach out now.

Estate Administration

If your loved one has passed without the establishment of an estate plan, the legal team at Sher, Cummings and Ellis can strive to act on behalf of your loved one.

Juvenile Court Practices

Juvenile criminal defense should be approached differently than that of an adult. Turn to a knowledgeable team to help seek justice through your child's case.

Personal Injury Quick Facts

1. Time is of the essence.

In Virginia, you must file an injury lawsuit within two years of your accident. If you miss this deadline (also called the statute of limitations), the chances of the court taking on your case greatly decreases.

2. Damages are not limited to physical harm.

Your compensation could encompass more than just your medical expenses, including emotional, economic, or even reputational harm that you've experienced as a result of your injury.

3. Establishing fault is key.

Because Virginia is a fault state for personal injury cases, you must establish fault for your incident. This party will then be responsible for paying you, should they be found at-fault.

4. Document everything you can.

The more evidence you have to help your argument, such as pictures, police reports, or witness statements, will increase your chances of winning a larger settlement.

Just because you’ve been charged with a crime, doesn’t mean you’re guilty. You have rights.

When you're charged, you still have a chance at freedom. The greatest tool anyone can have in their legal toolbox is an experienced attorney who has worked with clients in situations similar to yours. The attorneys at Sher, Cummings and Ellis have decades of combined experience defending those that have been charged with a breadth of crimes in and around Arlington, Virginia including drug possession, assault & battery, driving while intoxicated, and other misdemeanors and felonies. 

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Proud to Serve Northern Virginia

Arlington County

Their office is located in the heart of Arlington on Fairfax Drive and North Oakland Street, just a short walk from Quincy Park.

Washington, D.C.

Not only are your attorneys admitted to the Virginia Bar but, they also take cases for people across the Potomac in the capital city.

Alexandria, VA

People from all over the city of Alexandria come to Sher, Cummings and Ellis for representation, from Landmark to Del Ray.

Fairfax County

The attorneys have represented people in Annandale, Springfield, Lorton, Centreville, Reston, and everywhere in between.

Loudoun County

Sher, Cummings and Ellis welcome people from all over the northern suburbs from Sterling to Middleburg to Lovettsville and beyond.

Surrounding Areas

If you live anywhere near Washington, D.C., or in Northern Virginia, call to schedule a case evaluation with an attorney today.

Don’t take on the justice system alone. Put experience on your side.

Many people believe they can take on a personal injury, wrongful death, criminal, or other civil litigation matter without the help of an attorney. Though it's possible, your chances of a successful result (like a large settlement or dropped charge) are drastically diminished. You have one chance, don't ruin it.

The attorneys at Sher, Cummings and Ellis have several decades of combined experience guiding people in the Arlington, Virginia area toward successful results. Because they’re admitted to both Virginia and Washington, D.C. bars, you won’t have to worry about traveling far for quality representation.

They proudly serve people in Fairfax and Loudoun County, Virginia, including the communities of Alexandria, Chantilly, Tysons, Ashburn, and Manassas. From car accidents and DWI charges to legal malpractice and estate administration, you can rely on your attorneys to apply their legal knowledge to help you.

To learn more about their process, fees, legal experience, or areas of practice, schedule a consultation by filling out the brief form below or simply giving them a call. They are skilled problem-solvers that are dedicated to helping people in their community. Reach out today so they can begin work on your case.