No one prepares to lose a loved one in an auto accident, slip and fall on an icy sidewalk, or fall victim to medical malpractice. If you've lost a loved one due to the negligence or carelessness of another party, you may be entitled to compensation.

To increase your chances of a satisfying settlement, you need to hire a team of attorneys with decades of experience. Sher, Cummings and Ellis is committed to their client's success and has helped countless clients throughout Northern Virginia with their wrongful death matters. Schedule a consultation now to get started, but there is important information you should know before seeking reimbursement for your loss.

How Do You Know if You Have a Wrongful Death Case?

There are many instances where an individual has a right to file a lawsuit after losing a loved one, but how do you know if you have a chance at receiving compensation? There are three basic requirements for this to happen. You must prove that:

  1. The responsible party was careless or negligent.

  2. The negligence caused your loved one's death.

  3. The injury resulted in harm (compensatory damages).

Some cases may be blurry as to whether or not you have grounds for a lawsuit, so you should meet with a skilled personal injury attorney. During your first consultation, you will get to know your attorney and explain your situation to them. They will then evaluate your circumstances and discuss with you whether a lawsuit is your best option.

What Damages Can I Receive?

When your loved one passes, you are likely faced with mountains of medical expenses, but you can receive compensation for more than just hospital bills. Should you receive reimbursement, you could receive one or both of the following: economic damages and non-economic damages.

Have you lost a loved one?

Economic Damages

Hospital bills in Arlington and beyond fall under economic damages because they are tangible and can be easily quantified. The following is a list of economic damages you could receive as a result of your loss:

  • Medical expenses related to the accident

  • Lost income of the decedent

  • Lost services, protection, care and assistance provided by the decedent

  • Funeral expenses

Because these damages are tangible, it’s important to keep all hospital or mechanic receipts as well as pay stubs to prove income. Unlike economic damages, non-economic damages are a little more difficult to keep track of and obtain from the party at fault.

Non-Economic Damages

Your loss can have a long-lasting impact on not only your finances but can take a large toll on your mental health or overall happiness. This is where non-economic damages come in. Common examples of non-economic damages are:

  • Pain and suffering

  • Loss of companionship

  • Punitive damages may be awarded if the loss was due to willful or wanton conduct

This type of reward is not quantifiable, meaning it’s a little more difficult to measure the effect they’ve had on your loss. Because of this difficulty, it’s important to work with a knowledgeable attorney that has experience with personal injury cases like yours.

Is An Attorney Really Worth It?

You may have heard that the attorney’s fees required for wrongful death representation aren’t worth the settlement. On the contrary, it is rarely the wrong decision to hire an attorney to guide you through the process and help you earn the largest settlement possible.

Wrongful Death Attorneys in Arlington, Virginia

The attorneys at Sher, Cummings and Ellis have several decades of experience helping people seek compensation for a variety of wrongful death matters. If you live in Arlington, Virginia, or the surrounding communities throughout Loudoun & Fairfax counties, schedule a consultation with a skilled legal team.