Civil Litigation Lawyers in Arlington, Virginia

Civil litigation is the process where civil matters (business matters, breach of contract, landlord/tenant issues, to name a few) are resolved in a court of law. One way to tell the major difference between a civil and criminal matter is the former is between two parties in any form of a relationship (boss/employee, landlord/renter, husband/wife, and so on) while the latter is a charge from the government to an individual.

In many of these cases, a lawsuit is at the center of the case, where one party is suing the other. The role of the civil litigation attorney is to act on behalf of their client in order to win the lawsuit or defend them against it, depending on what side you are on.

The legal team at Sher, Cummings and Ellis in Arlington, Virginia has represented clients on either side of the lawsuit, whether it’s a breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, business disputes, or other civil causes of action. To meet with an experienced litigator, schedule a consultation today so you can get ahead of your matter. Before you choose an attorney for your case, you may have some questions.

Effective Legal Guidance for Your Civil Matter


How Long Does a Civil Lawsuit Take?

Every situation and lawsuit is different, so there is no way to say for sure how long your lawsuit will take, should a lawsuit be necessary because not every civil matter requires a lawsuit. During the investigation process, your legal team may take another approach and seek compensation out of court. In other words, the other party may pay you a settlement without any need for litigation.

For matters that are taken to court, however, the process can be quite lengthy, as long as it’s handled correctly. Sher, Cummings and Ellis have decades of experience with lawsuits and will work diligently and thoroughly to make sure you’re taking the proper steps in your approach. Lawsuits take care and effort, and if you want any chances of winning the lawsuit, you will put your trust into an attorney who will not skip any steps.

How Long Do You Have to File a Lawsuit in Virginia?

Under every lawsuit is a statute of limitations, or a time limit that the state of Virginia imposes on an amount of time that can pass before you can no longer file a civil action. The statute of limitations for your specific situation depends on its subject matter. For example, if you want to sue a negligent driver for causing a car accident and your injury, you have two years from the day of the accident to take action. If you’re facing a breach of contract or trespassing lawsuit, you have five years.

Your legal team will have the information on whether or not you still have time to file a lawsuit, and if that deadline has not passed, they can help you build a case in a timely manner to ensure the deadline is not missed, should a lawsuit be necessary.

Does Your Case Have to Go to Court?

In order for you to increase your chances of success, it may be necessary to go to court. For example, if the other party is refusing fault or any wrongdoing, court proceedings will be necessary. That being said, you can still reach a settlement without going to court.

In fact, many civil cases are settled out of court because each party can reach a mutual agreement on the matter. Even if the dispute was caused as a result of disagreements, the other party may not want to spend the time or money to go to trial.

Whether you believe your case should go to trial or not, it is important to speak with a knowledgeable civil litigation attorney to guide you in the right direction.

Civil Litigation Attorneys in Arlington, Virginia

When you are faced with a civil matter, turn to the experienced legal team at Sher, Cummings and Ellis for thoughtful and attentive guidance to help you pursue a favorable outcome. If you live in Washington, D.C., Alexandria, Arlington, or anywhere in Fairfax County or Loudoun County, reach out today to schedule a consultation.