Fantastic Lawyer!

Mark was a fantastic lifesaver during a horrible family crisis. He met with us at length and talked through all of our options, and checked in on us throughout a very trying time. His advice was excellent. A wonderful resource, Mark also is very generous and kind.

-Anne V.


Mark Cummings and his firm were OUTSTANDING for my traffic violation before the 17th Judicial district (Arlington, VA) – as someone said before, ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE. As a lobbyist before Congress, I understand that relationships do not win the argument but rather “open the door” to present your case with full consideration. Mark is actively and positively involved in Northern Virginia and particularly the Arlington County legal communities. So everyone (I do mean everyone) in the process knew him in a very positive light – which allowed my case to have honest consideration instead of the routine processing that traffic court cases often resemble, and being in that routine/humdrum is where you as defendant lose. I hope to never need an attorney’s services again, but if I do I’m calling Mark. If you need an attorney in Arlington, VA; you would be foolish not to hire Mark.

-Cosmo D.

Highest Standard of Ethics

Based upon my own experience, Messrs. David Sher and Mark Cummings represent the highest standards of ethics, commitment to justice, and trial expertise. Their extensive experience with the law, the precedents, the evidence, and the legal process was invaluable in my personal instance. I was framed for a criminal act which I did not commit by three levels of my own federal management. This was thus an extremely complex, technical jury trial. The entire staff of Sher, Cummings and Ellis worked long hours and were always there with the answers when I needed them. They handled every aspect of locating critical out-of-town expert witnesses to expertly representing me at trial. We not only prevailed unanimously before the jury, but the conspirators are also no longer employed by the federal government and all records were ordered expunged.

-W.C. Family

Saved from Jail Time

With his guidance, his connections, and traffic law skills, he saved my daughter from jail time. Extremely thankful to have found and hired Mark Cummings. With his guidance, his connections, and traffic law skills, he saved my daughter from jail time. My daughter received a speeding/reckless driving ticket in Arlington. We are from Pennsylvania and originally hired a different lawyer that did not prepare and guide us for our first appearance in court. She ended up in jail. After posting bail and appealing the jail sentence, we knew we needed a better lawyer. We hired Mark Cummings! Mr. Cummings found errors from the original trial and helped us appeal to our daughter’s conviction. He and his staff were always available for consulting and representation. There was an incident where a court date change was unclear and he assured us that his staff would be at court to represent and fix the date. He was pleasant, professional, and easy to talk to. He prepared my daughter for her day in court and successfully appealed my daughter’s conviction. I would not hesitate to hire Mr. Cummings as your lawyer. I wish we knew to use him from the beginning.


Simply Fantastic!

Mr. Mark Cummings is simply fantastic! He handled my traffic violation in a professional and proficient manner that exceeded my expectations. His attention to every detail and sincere empathy towards my case were both remarkable. From the moment I walked into his office, I had no doubts about the outcome of my case. After speaking to him for just a few minutes, I felt strongly enough about it to cancel my remaining consultations. After a very favorable outcome, I am very pleased with my decision to retain Mark. His number is now at the top of my list should I ever need legal counsel again. It is without hesitation that I recommend Mr. Mark Cummings to anyone in need of legal services in Arlington County.

-Damian C.

Very Accomodating

I was referred to the Sher, Cummings and Ellis Law Firm from my boss, who recommended them highly. I was arrested for DUI on the morning of Christmas. Anyone who needs compassionate, brilliant, and super professional help should call the Sher, Cummings and Ellis Law Firm. Don’t waste any more time looking for another attorney. If you have stumbled across Mark in your search, call him now for a consultation. You will not find a better option. Not only is he extremely smart and resourceful, but has a profound understanding of the in’s and out’s of the legal system. They were much more accommodating with my busy schedule and made it easy to keep in touch with my attorney and to stay informed about my case. Mark handled my case with the utmost discretion and compassion. He really listened to my concerns. He put me at ease about my situation instead of pre-judging me or my case. Mark is a very knowledgeable attorney, and he took the time to conduct additional research to ensure that he had a good understanding of how to defend me. He skillfully negotiated with the Commonwealth. Mark Cummings of the awesome Sher, Cummings and Ellis Law Firm was able to get my charges reduced. They were able to get my charge reduced from a DUI to a wet reckless so I was through the roof happy when I heard that news. Simply put Mark Cummings is by far the best and anyone who is in similar trouble could not find a more caring, kind, and amazingly competent attorney! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Perry S.

Reasonable and Helpful

I went to Sher & Cummings 2 years ago for help with an insurance issue. They were recommended by another local lawyer who knows the local scene well and does not handle the kind of matter I had. Mr. Sher was very reasonable and helpful in reaching a good negotiated outcome with the insurance company. He and his partner are sensible, attentive, and they do not run the meter. I appreciate that.

-Amber R.

Impossible without Mark Cummings

I was pulled over by Virginia police for a traffic violation. The problem for me was that I had done nothing wrong, in fact I had successfully avoided being part of an accident, only to be rewarded with a ticket. The officer did not want to discuss the issue at all and dismissed my suggestion that I was not at fault. So, I knew I needed help, I needed a professional to help me sort out my case and make certain I would not be held responsible, and more importantly, I would not end up with higher insurance rates because of a wrongful ticket. I found Attorney Mark Cummings at Sher, Cummings and Ellis and he agreed to see me right away. He immediately documented the entire incident and set out to clear my name and defend me in court. When you need legal help, you definitely want someone who knows the law and Mr. Cummings does, but it also helps to have someone seasoned enough to know the players at the Court House and how to get things done. At court it was agreed I was not at fault and I received a very satisfactory verdict. I am confident my very positive outcome would not have been possible without the expertise of Mark Cummings. When you need help with traffic violations I encourage you to contact this firm. I am glad I did!

-Ted H.

Held Our Hands

I recently hired Mark to represent my daughter for possession of an illegal substance while a college senior. This was a very serious offense and our family was extremely nervous about the outcome. Luckily I found Mark and his firm and from the first meeting I knew I had made the right decision. He held our hands through the entire process and we could not be more relieved by the results he delivered. I highly recommend Mark for his professionalism and his counsel. He always responded in a timely manner (which is very rare for lawyers) and his advice was always on target. I hope I never have to use Marks services again but if the need arises, I would not hesitate to contact him.

-Robin J.

As Good As it Gets

This law firm is absolutely as good as it gets. Mark Cummings and his team successfully represented me in my criminal case. From the first moment I met the team, I felt an instant rapport. I felt they were in my corner, and more importantly, I believe they believed me! Not many people who need attorneys for criminal cases are actually innocent, but this was one of those instances. Mr. Cummings and partner David Sher were both as passionate and incensed as I was regarding the circumstances of my case. Never having had an experience with attorneys, I did not know what to expect, but to say I was “floored” is a complete understatement of the word. They worked like a very well-oiled machine. Mr. Cummings is a rare attorney (from what I hear of attorneys) who keeps in touch, answers calls and emails, and made me feel... safe. A strange word to use for an attorney, but that is exactly how he made me feel – safe. And he delivered. The charges against me were dropped on the day of the trial while sitting in the courtroom waiting for the trial to begin. The work Mr. Cummings and his team, including Mr. Kibble, did for me was invaluable. My entire livelihood was at stake and they took up the mantle and ran with it. They never pulled any punches; they were direct and straightforward, fair, reasonable, and extremely personable. I owe them my entire life, and while that may sound like an exaggeration, nothing could be more true. Because of their professional and zealous representation, I won, and Mr. Cummings did it with the confidence of decades of expert experience, knowledge of courtroom procedures, and an arsenal of confidence. ANYONE who needs representation in the entire Northern Virginia area should contact this firm. If there were a 10-star rating system, I’d give them 10 stars. The gratitude that overwhelms me for their persistence and steel reserve is insurmountable. Thank you very very much for your service, time, and success!

-Terry H.

They Really Delivered

When we needed legal help, Sher, Cummings and Ellis really delivered. We needed help fast – and from Washington state! It was a complex and immediate legal issue that could have resulted in tragedy for our son who was serving in the Army at Arlington, Virginia. Sher, Cummings and Ellis as well as their investigator are forever in our hearts, with a big thank you!

-T.H. Family

Thank you!

Did you get yourself into a little pickle? These guys can help. After receiving my very first speeding ticket, I realized it was a whopper. A double whopper with cheese. Virginia cheese. Luckily, one of my best friends and mentor told me that I should speak with Mr. Sher immediately. His firm has represented a number of his friends and colleagues over the years and had helped them out a great deal. Not only is Mr. Sher and his team direct and straight forward, but they are also extremely down to earth and professional as well. Communication was flawless and responsiveness was top notch. Really important for an anxious client! Things worked out just about as well as they could and I really need to thank the folks at Sher and Cummings for that!

-Tara L.

Great Lawyer

Mark is a good guy and a great lawyer. I went to court with a very serious Reckless Driving charge (a 6 point offense), and he negotiated it down to an Ineffective Equipment ticket (a very minor, 0 point offense). He also managed to get my court date moved up 2 months, as I wanted to get past the whole thing. He’s definitely one of the more expensive lawyers, but you’re paying for his reputation and his connections in the Arlington community. I thought it was worth it, and I’m glad I did. I’m sure I would’ve paid for it anyway in insurance costs alone. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone looking for the best.

-Jane B.

Got My Case Dropped

If you need a traffic court attorney in NoVA, call Mark Cummings–accept no substitutes! He got my case dropped this morning after I caused a fairly serious accident in which no one was hurt. The court appearance ended with the Judge saying “It’s nice to be here, especially when we have good attorneys, like you, Mr. Cummings.” It started with me thanking him for coming, to which he replied, “This is what I live for!” He’s passionate about helping people, and I’m grateful to be taking driving school. Mr. Cummings graciously allowed me a monthly payment plan and discounted fee I could afford since I am broke, especially since I was referred by a colleague of his. He also got my original court date continued since I couldn’t appear that day, and he’s going to appear for me a second time after I complete driving school. I’ve had other traffic lawyers in the past, and he is the best!

-Sappho M.